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New Years Thoughts

Time is wasting … punctuated by the time honored tradition of reflecting on things passed while denying that there’s more fat around your midsection than last year at this time. What to make of 2014 …

Head straight, look forward not back. Look up for strength not down to your fall. Keep both eyes on what is good and avoid the dark. Read the Bible … then read it some more. Choose to be healthy. Keep your heart true. Be grateful in all things. Strive to be humble. Love much. Then love some more. Especially those closes to you. Respect everyone. Enjoy creation and imagination. Be adventurous. Give your time and your money where there is a need. Listen. Think. Then Speak. Enjoy life … but keep it simple. You are … so be happy where you are. Rejoice in that you have been given all this and more … Thanks be to God. Give praise. Keep hope. Smile

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