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Admit or Confess?

Confused and despondent to the point of panic. Able to admit but not able to confess sin. There is nothing to be gained here. Admitting will never be enough to allow me to live in harmony with God the way confessing will. Its what separates me from God and where I want to be. Where I am and where I need to be spiritually are so far apart there seems to be no way to span the gap. It’s depressing. Oswald Chamber’s touches on this in one of his devotionals … the contrast between admitting our sins to God or confessing our sins to God. Big difference.

Unfortunately, I’m an Admitter … although there is no such word. When  I admit my sins to God … it’s like yeah … I did it again … what are you going to do about it I can’t stop it? attitude. You got to know God is tired of hearing the same thing from me night after night of prayer filled only with remorse. For some incredible reason that I can not understand God listens and waits on me anyway allowing me my way. It all seems to be ok with God. God gives me that choice. He does nothing about it but the Holy Spirit that is deep with in me convicts me deeply more and more each day I sin. I make my choices everyday to sin but it’s becoming increasing more difficult each day to bear the shame and that is a glimmer of hope that one day I’ll be a Confessor of my sins.

This is what I think the Confessor is like …. The person that confesses their sins are truly sincere, contrite, humbled and are ready to receive the forgiveness and freedom that come from truly confessing sins to God. They are ready to act now and be free of their desires because they know once they give up their will to fight it it will become God’s fight and they will succeed. Jesus provides the only freedom from sin.

What the Admitter doesn’t have much of that the Confessor has enough of is FAITH. One must see and accept the truth and once that is done you have to step out in faith to confirm it.

Father … Please increase my faith so I will take that step

One thought on “Admit or Confess?

  1. If there’s a good side to having sinned, it’s the knowledge that I deserve death and the only Way to eternal life is the sacrifice Christ made for me.

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