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Time to Be

What measure of time is really needed to be still so that we may become whole or holier? Is the division and planning of our time that essential to our existence that we can’t enjoy its passing unless we can measure it in some productive way? To simply “be” in a world moving as fast as this one seems counterproductive in worldly thinking. Spiritually thinking it’s essential to just “be” with God no matter how brief the encounter. That’s real productivity. However, there seems to be no time for that, no matter how small the slice of time we cut, we resist being still in his presence even briefly as we give our time freely and plentifully to less loftier pursuits. Why must we always be about our business of self … not our Father’s business as Jesus was while growing up as a child when his parents lost track of him while visiting Jerusalem and they found him at the temple. (Luke 2:49) It is a tough business model and lowly standard that we employ today but we relish the fast pace and our own constant thoughts of planning for self-fulfillment . If we should break away from it’s grip it’s only temporary and the time spent with our heavenly Father seems woefully inadequate when compared to the time spent pleasuring ourselves and planning our next steps.

I have only brief flashes of unselfish time in my life that I dedicate to others and to pursuits other than myself. I also have what can only be described as slivers of quite time spent with God but until those become the norm and the dominate theme of how I spend the time in my life I’m afraid I still leading a life in search of and struggling for permanent change to take hold and switch those priorities in my life around. If left to my own devices will that ever happen?

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