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It’s Almost Time

Well … what was at one time very far off and almost out of my mind because it was so far off is now just around the corner and dominates my every thought. Can’t help but feel anxious about surgery this coming Tuesday but taking comfort in hopes that it will soon be over. Strange that at 62 years old this will be the first time in my life I’ve had surgery for anything. Never liked hospitals and thoughts of Doctors cutting off the wrong limb and removing the wrong organs comes to mind. Or perhaps contracting some mysterious illness from the plethora of bacteria that resides there.

Be still my mind and move my thoughts to happier days to come trusting in a God that loves me and waits patiently for me. May I not disappoint him no matter when we meet.



2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time

  1. Hang in there brother, as you said this is the moment you’ve been anticipating. Don’t let the worries of today get you down.

    None of us knows exactly what God has planned for our lives, but if we just trust and love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind we gain the confidence that what He promises will actually happen…

    You have been given a unique opportunity to test your faith. The struggles you are going through now will define whether or not your faith is genuine. I pray that you turn to God in trust, for worry and doubt will not add one single hour to your life, but God’s grace promises us an eternal life without pain or sorrow if you just have faith.

    To quote a friend ” In our times of struggle, pain and doubt we need only to stop, drop and praise”
    Stay focused and praise God for the blessings you have and be open to the opportunities God is offering you, if you do so, you will find the peace and comfort you are seeking.

    Keep the faith brother, I’m praying for you!

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