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Sad things happen every day …

… but every day is a blessing unto itself.

Nothing puts your own life in perspective faster than seeing some one else’s life shattered. I’ve been so busy here the last several days … we got hit with some flash floods right here in Stewart County Tennessee this past Saturday night and I’ve been working with the Red Cross ever since. We got 4-6 inches of rain in a very short amount of time late Saturday night. A small community only about 15 miles from where I live and just outside of a small town in Carlisle, TN was flooded out with flood water from and overflowed creek and many people were affected. Our road to our house was only passable in our truck for the first few days as all kinds of debris and mud wash across and washed out many many roads in the area.  the people out there will be hurting for awhile yet to restore what was literally washed away in the middle of the night..FBC FLC

It all started with spring storms and a steady downpour late Saturday night when I was called to help open a Red Cross Shelter at the First Baptist Church in Dover Tennessee. We got it opened using their Family Life Center but no one ended up staying that first night as many were evidently getting help else where from family, neighbors or friends for the night. We ended up closing the Shelter Sunday morning around 2:00 a.m. but by the time the sun came up the next day we were hearing about the devastation in a little community outside Carlisle, Tn.

I was assigned over to the Baptist Church in Carlisle the next day where various support groups were staging. The largest group were the folks from the Souther Baptist Convention, Tennessee Disaster Relief team team. We all panned out to try and help as many people as we could. Naturally we stumbled over each other at first but it was all good people with genuine desire to help others. There just allchurchisn’t any way to be perfectly organized at a time like this so we all did the best we could. Supplies came in and we were able to give out not only food but much needed cleaning supplies to those in need. Biggest enemy was mold and trying to get everything mopped up and dried out was the order of the day for many of the volunteer work force. Of course everyone needed help “now” with debris pick up, bridge and driveways restored and clean up with their houses. Cars in the creek along with sheds and items like boats and propane tanks torn from there spots from upstream that had been washed down made getting around difficult. It was a mess and tempers flared for a few of the victims that showed up at the Church Shelter to receive aid and help. It was impossible not to be proud of the community and the volunteers who showed up to help along with their spirit of cooperation and love towards all that were affected. Some of the affected people literrally just needed hugs to feel better. Affection and love at its most basic level. If we all only loved this much in times of no disasters. Shared tears of hope. This went on for a few days and today things are slowly starting to get better although it will be a much longer wait for normalcy for those that lost so much to get their lives back on track.


Never take a day for granted because it can always get worse in a hurry and it can start with some thing as simple as a spring storm. No one had a clue this type of destruction waseverythingwet coming.

Enjoy Every Day and give thanks for what you have at the moment.

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24


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