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Big/Little Brothers

Finally a perfect 70 degree Spring day with blue skies for a change arrived here in North Western Tennessee. Spring has been late arriving this year and this day gave me and my Little Brother Mitchel (Big Brother/Big Sisters Org) the perfect chance to take a day long ride together on the motorcycle that we had been trying to get in for some time. 55F2EC04-F98E-404C-869E-F5FED54B1A84.pngMitchel is pictured here about to blow an unarmed recreational boater clear out of the water at the River Garrison which is part of the Fort Donelson National Battlefield along the Cumberland River in Tennessee.  I made Mitchel a deal that if he let me give him a history lesson about the Civil War history of Dover, Tennessee and Fort Donelson National Battlefield during the first part of the day we could stop by my place in the afternoon and I’d let him school me on the X-Box. In the interim we put the Goldwing through its paces and covered about 200+ 5AE68805-E9D7-413F-B2DA-60AA98B1937A.pngmiles together and had a wonderful time that even featured a Ferry Ride across the Kentucky Lake. He had lunch and talked and had a great time sharing time with each other. Mitchel and I have been paired up since the beginning of the year and we’re slowly becoming good friends. We see each other every couple of weeks or so and just basically hang out together doing stuff for fun. It is truly a blessing for me to be able to give some of my time to Mitchel and he’s teaching me a multitude of things as well. I know God is wanting us all to slow down some in our busy lives and take the focus off of ourselves just for a second which I often have difficulty doing. This is a wonderful positive in my life that I treasure greatly. I’ve learned that as we grow spiritually in our faith it’s important to show love to everyone we can and we should always try and find as many opportunities as we can to share God’s love with others. Look around … chances are you just walked by someone today that could have used your help. I’m on the look out everyday now for a chance to show God’s love to someone. We always have the means with us to help others … we just resist because we think we don’t have the time. My eyes have only been truly opened to this truth recently.

Proverbs 3:28 Do not say to your neighbor, “Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you”—when you already have it with you.

One thought on “Big/Little Brothers

  1. There is nothing like the joy you experience when God is working through us…I’m so happy that you are experiencing this! God Bless you brother.

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