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Building Blocks that Crumble

7597076-human-building-blocksJust as a corrupt contractor uses some inferior material here and there to construct the cornerstones and building blocks for a building he cares little about so do I use inferior material, sin, to sometimes construct the cornerstones and building blocks of my life that I claim to treasure so much. Sure there are many good strong building blocks in my life I have made and am continuing to make more but not near enough to compensate for those blocks made with a mixture of sin that inevitably will lead to a structural failure in my life at some point and eventually collapse everything back to where I was. For you see when a building crumbles from the inferior material used in it’s building blocks for the construction the momentum of that collapse takes all the good building blocks down with it during the fall.

Same with a life built with some inferior material. All is left is a pile of rubble when it collapses. The bad brings down the good and our faith wanes. Best intentions laid to rest while a great despair and guilt sets in that you have to start over and that it is futile to continue. No amount of good blocks will suffice if enough bad ones are allowed to mix in with them. Can not sin and good co-exist if the sin is less than the good? As much as I wish they could they can not by choice but will through our sinful nature. The sooner I accept this fact and act on it the sooner my life will be the best it could possibly be although perfection will always escape me. Do I want to build a life made strong to last eternally or am I content with short term temporary gains and pleasures that are easily performed and provide little if any lasting change or true happiness. Oh for the temporary pleasure my sins bring I fear I forfeit my future and my building will collapse. With every sin a hairline fracture unnoticeable is seeded in the construction of my faith. The Lord is our rock, no doubt, so our foundation is secure but the builder is weak in deed.

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