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Easter Sunday … For the First Time

Can’t remember how many times I have blown off Easter Sunday and Church services in the past while still professing to be a believer. Amazing how far away we can fall from our savior’s grace to the point of ignoring God and the most profound part of the scripture … the resurrection!  My sins were forgiven on that cross that Jesus died on and when Jesus rose on the third day he came to set up homes in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. That home in my heart for Jesus has been abandon and foreclosed on many times in my life by me and me alone … but not any more. I have refurbished and reshaped it for him to come back in and live inside me and to now shape my life to his will. I may take a step back along the journey but I vow to take more steps forward than backwards pursuing him and making my life worthy by giving it away to others the way he gave his life for me. By doing so may he know how much I love him and may what I do bring glory to him alone. May I know and love him more each day so strangers we will be no more.

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