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The Bad and The Good

What of the bad things we do in our lives. Why did I want to go there? What purpose did it serve? Weakness abounds in my mind. I’m of two minds about this as they say. Two conflicting minds that collide inside of one when it happens. The collision is between God and Sin in my mind but it plays out in my life like a script. The collision confounds and confuses my inter most being and it’s difficult to absorb the full meaning of it but I’ve never tried to understand it before … until now. Not a good feeling … but a good feeling turned sour by God so as to convict my actions. Actions that takes me away from God and into something I don’t really need or that benefits my life in any way. Although my mind strongly disagrees. It seems to only create distance between me and God. It’s like I’m moving away from God by intentionally placing something in-between us. God is not moving but I’m wedging myself away with it in my life. Again the weakness. Again I squirm in the act of sin.

What of the good things we do in our lives? … those too get scrutinized … or should. It isn’t always the bad things we do in our lives that separates us from God’s love but the good ones that we elevate to loving to much and by doing so they become a sin of misplaced love. We love some things so much we can’t get enough of them and we do them all the time out of the sheer pleasure they bring us not God. But atlas we love them so much because we love to please ourselves. Too much of a good thing and we start loving it more than God. It becomes and idol in our lives to be worshipped and another tool whose purpose is separation from God. It gets in the way of our spiritual growth the same way sin does … slowly wedging us apart from the right path and the right one. Not only the bad must be pruned from our lives but also the good when it becomes rotten.

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