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Mar 14th’ 2013

About a month gap here and there’s been some incredible changes in my life. I’ve taken a hard look at my life during the past month and I’ve given up on controlling it myself. I’ve dedicated my life to God and have started to make the hard choices in my life to prune away the bad things I do (yes we all sin). I even examined what I consider the good things in my life (motorcycle riding) that I do way too much of evaluating how it ranked in my life. Bible says in Luke 12:34 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. My hearts been in the wrong place for way too long. I won’t change over night but now the one that can change me and order things in my life correctly is running the show.

After a couple of weeks visiting my daughter, Jessica, and my grandson Travis in South Dakota we headed back home to Tennessee in order to arrive home prior to my surgery consultation coming up on March 8th. My appointment day with the Surgeon at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville had finally arrived. As I sat in the office awaiting for the surgeon to enter the room I was wondering when or how soon I could get it scheduled. My fears were quickly shifting to the hazards of surgery and the after affect it might cause and not so much the cancer as before. I had done extensive research and reading on the subject of Prostate Cancer and felt I knew just about what every possible out come could be. Most were positive but there were also the undesirable ones that do happen to a few men. Of course my crazy mind always gravitates to the negative. 

As he enter the room and sits down we begin our discussion. To my amazement the first thing out of his mouth is that the Pathology Department at Vanderbilt looked at my samples from my biopsy and concluded that it wasn’t cancerous. They saw what the other lab (Quests Lab) saw that they were calling cancer but their conclusion was quite different. It turns out it was a very small percentage of the samples that were in question and they thought if it was cancer it was in the very earliest stages. He said he’s going to forward my biopsy samples to John Hopkins Hospital Pathology department in Maryland and get another opinion. They will make the final determination. I was in disbelief …. How could this be? Of course there is also a sampling error that has to be taken into consideration as well. Even with 12 samples from both sides of my prostate it is still possible they were hitting all around the cancer. Nevertheless this was the most incredible news to me and was very encouraging to know we weren’t going to be rushing into surgery right away. He said it would take about 2 weeks to hear back from John Hopkins and based on what their evaluation was we would either determine to either proceed with surgery or just go into a “watch and wait” and have another biopsy of my prostate done in a few months.

I’m so encouraged by this news and I am still waiting to hear back. Other good news is that if it turns out I do need surgery this surgeon, Joseph Smith at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, has performed over 4,000 prostrate surgeries … I had to ask him twice to make sure I heard him correctly. That’s way more than the majority of surgeons out there so I’ll be in good hands for sure if surgery is needed

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