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Feb 7′ 2013

Up at 6 am with coffee, news and some exercise. We left at 8:15 for the long ride to Clarksville to get the results. My head was a mess and I’ve never been more negative. I felt like I had already received the death penalty and was on my way to the gallows. My mind was working over time on the craziest thoughts. 

We arrived … As we waited in the exam room a knock comes at the door and as he enters the room he immediately says your x-rays are clear. I about melted from anxiety. I said “all” of them. Yes he replied. I said you’re kidding? He said I don’t kid about things like this. A wave of relief washed over me and Yong and I choked back some tears. We discussed the options and surgery to remove entire prostate was our conclusion. March 8 for consult with the surgeon at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. Wish it was sooner but Doctor said it would be fine. Dr Miles did a great job identifying my cancer and he said as much that it was a good catch. 

As we left the building the fresh air never felt so good. Not out of the woods on this thing yet but today was the best possible news. I feel like this amazing burden has been lifted from me and placed on God’s shoulders. So thankful for God’s mercy, love and grace. Praying I’ll never be the same and God’s light will shine in me. 

The ride home was sweet … praise to my Father in Heaven. 

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