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Feb 5′ 2013

Off to the hospital arriving by 7:15 a.m. I needed a full bone scan and CT scans of my pelvic, abdomen and chest areas as well. Not much fun being strapped into those gigantic machines that whir and whistle all around you as they slowly scan your entire body. My mind raced again but I kept a good attitude and the hospital staff was exceptional and made me feel very cared for. I have to admit … as much as I have always hated hospitals this hospital sure seems to be the exception. It’s new and the doctors and staff all seemed to be so efficiency and caring. Everything was done by early afternoon and Yong and I had lunch and headed home. Results were going to be read by the Radiologist there and the results sent to my Doctor tomorrow. My Doctor said he would call me Wednesday as soon as he had the results. I feel another long drive into his office tomorrow is coming up.

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