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Feb 3′ 2013

I got up early this Sunday and made it over to my old Church in Lee’s Summit to attend the early service. Something I never would have considered doing on other visits when there were no trials in my life. I feel like such a hypocrite even showing up in Church. As I have always done in my life I’ve struggled with my faith and have not put God first continually in my life and was not always a regular attendee on Sunday let alone a faithful servant. Maybe this is why God puts trials in our lives to shake us up to pay attention to what is truly important in life and to get us on the right track for good. Even though I knew I was being a hypocrite I knew in my heart that God loves me anyway and that he was expecting this hypocrite in Church. I prayed and cried and had a very long talk with God in the Chapel afterwards. Just him and me and of course the tears. Such a tragedy in our lives that for most of us this is what it takes to bring us on our knees to our Father in heaven. I felt his embrace and knew in my heart I would never be the same going forward no matter what happens. I hope God was smiling at this stubborn stubborn man and was thinking …. it’s about time.

I grabbed some breakfast and tried calling a few other friends in the area I wanted to see but as it turned out I wasn’t able to see everyone. I did get to see my previous neighbors and spent a couple of hours sharing and visiting with them. Marty and Ron were our neighbors in Lee’s Summit for many years and they have known tragedy in their lives, having lost a loving son recently, and were a great comfort to me.

Superbowl kickoff was approaching and Robert had a feas

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