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Feb 2′ 2013

I quickly packed in the morning and was on the road to Kansas City, Missouri by 7:00 a.m. With the cold winter weather I decided not to tough it out on the motorcycle but instead drive the cage. Anyone who knows me would probably be shocked by that. In fact, many of my friends in KC would later make the comment that they didn’t even know I owned a car since they have only seen me on my motorcycles … lol. 

About half way there around mid day Jason called me and I had to go through another difficult conversations with my son sharing the bad news. We talked and we cried and again I asked him to be strong for me and for all of us to just take it one step at a time. He agreed and promised me he would.

I arrived at Robert’s house late afternoon and quickly threw my stuff in his house and then drove out to Buffalo Wild Wings in Independence to meet him, Ken, John and Joe to have dinner and a few beers as we always do. It was a good time and later we took in a local hockey game together. I could see their concern for me on there faces and it comforted me to know that I have such wonderful and supportive friends. 

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