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Feb 1st – Diagnosis

“The Call” came around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. The nurse on the other end of the phone asked if I could come into the office to discuss my biopsy results with the Doctor. I said yes that I could be there in about an hour. Nothing more was discussed. As I hung up the phone I knew right then it was prostate cancer. They don’t give bad news over the phone. My mind raced and my heart sank. It was a long long drive to the Doctor’s office in Clarksville from Dover Tennessee where I live. I drove, almost zombie like, as my mind tortured me all the way there with terrible thoughts. Upon arriving and entering the exam room and waiting for the Doctor to appear it seemed like an eternity had passed since I had gotten the call earlier. The Doctor enter and calmly explained the results were positive for prostate cancer. He had already made me an appointment at the hospital to have several test done for Tuesday of next week. The next step, he explained matter of factly, was to determine if the cancer had spread to other parts of my body. I could tell he had deliver this type of bad news to countless other patients over the years. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him but his demeanor was what I would expect from a professional. There were no hysterics on either his part or mine … only a determination to proceed one step at a time.

I left the office with my paperwork for the appointment and sat in my car and called my wife and gave her the news. As I drove home to her embrace my mind continued to torture me. I cried, I prayed and then I cried some more. Finally, after the tears receded I resolved to be strong but it was very difficult. As I enter the house Yong embraced me and we sat quietly and talked as we held hands, fighting back the tears, but in deep resolve to beat this. 

Now it was time to tell the kids. I was not looking forward to this but I couldn’t wait any longer as they needed to know. Jessica was first and my voice cracked and tears flowed as I explained to her the past week and the results. She cried … I cried and that was that. I asked her to be strong for me and she said she would. Jason is stationed in England now and it was night time there so I would have to call him tomorrow with the news.

Tuesday was a long way off and I was determined to not mope around. I discussed with Yong that I wanted to drive up to Kansas City over the weekend to be with some friends and watch the Superbowl that was on. We both agreed that was probably a good idea and would help me maintain a little normalcy and may help to take my mind off of things at least a little. I also decided that I would share this news with my friends. Everyone’s response was so encouraging to me and I’m glad I decided to do so. The encouragement I felt and the prayers that everyone was praying for me I honestly feel I could feel there love and thoughts coming across the miles. I know God is listening to all our prayers and I know in my heart many flowed in on my behalf this day. God bless them all.

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